5 Filling Salad Additions

I often have people telling me they enjoy salads but don’t find them filling or lasting through the day. With many variations and options, salads most definitely don’t have to be boring. Here are 5 ingredients to add to your favourite salads that will add protien, nutrients plus fibre & carbs (the good kind) to keep you full for the afternoon ahead!

Adding calories to your salads is the only way to boost your energy and fullness in your meal. Just because there are added calories and carbs does to mean its not good for you! Your body will run off these whole foods and give you what you need to run off for ours to come.There are many differences between the carbs in a donut and the carbs in a grain or seed, don’t be afraid of them!

These items are all available at the grocery store but I prefer to find most of them at markets, Homesense or Costco for cheaper options.

1. Quinoa 

Quinoa is the perfect item to cook on a sunday and keep in a container for the week. I put it in everything as it is full of protein and fibre. This goes great in salad, so many dressings and toppings can be mixed into quinoa and then added to any dish.

It contains:

Minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and 8grams of protein per 1 cup, as well as lots of fibre.



2. Beans

Beans are another ingredients that don’t carry much taste therefor they can easily be added to your salad, there are so many different kinds and certain kinds can be added to different salads, depending on what you’re making. My favourite are chickpeas: I prefer mine mashed, I will make a chickpea mash (similar to tuna salad) and top my salads with this! For the recipe – check out my chickpea salad sandwich and follow the chickpea filling part.

They also contain plenty of vitamins, fibres, protein and tons of benefits.



3. Seeds

Seeds are super easy to sprinkle on your dish, they give great texture, and an extra nuttiness that is really delicious. Different seeds all carry many different benefits and although they are small, they add a little extra protein and fibre into your salad. I mostly use hemp seeds and chia seeds – these both have plenty of protein as well as some special benefits that are extremely  great for health. Another favourite are sunflower seeds because the small, nut looking seeds are loaded with more protein then you’d expect.

http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3061/2 – more info in chia seeds

http://www.purehealingfoods.com/hempHeartsAnalysis.php – more info of hemp seeds

Here is a list of plenty more great seeds!



4. Nuts

Sadly this one won’t apply to those with the common allergy to them but if you are able to add these, they’re similar to seeds and add a great crunch into a salad. They are the common known ingredient for high protein as well as added benefits. They come in all different kinds too so depending on what you like, you’re sure to find something that works.

Heres a list of all kinds of nuts and all their benefits!



5. Dark Greens

Although these won’t add much carbs or fibre, these greens have much more nutrient value including protein than the classic iceberg or plain lettuce. If you’re not a fan, try adding smaller pieces of these into your regular salads, although they don’t seem like much they have an endless list of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They also surprisingly have more protein then you think!

Heres more info!



Hopefully this gave you some ideas and inspiration for your next salad! Carb up and stay full!

Lastly, when pulling out your salad for lunch, try adding a beverage along with it such as, kombucha, almond milk, fresh juice, etc. This will provide another boost to follow along with your salad and turn a salad more into a meal.


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