Dairy Free Creamer Review


Although this year I decided to try caffeine free, I still enjoy plenty of coffee’s and tea’s. Most of these I prefer cream in as do many other people. For the longest time I wasn’t sure where to go for a dairy free alternative but over the past while I’ve tried a few and found a favourite. Even if you aren’t looking for a vegan option, I’ve heard a lot of people want to use cream but don’t want the extra calories and dairy that come along with it. These are perfect options for anybody wanting a more plant based coffee creamer.

All of these creamers are less or equal (The coconut one is the same price) as dairy creamer so before you assume since it’s a vegan option its expensive, think again! I also found these in most grocery stores. The coconut was in a cooler whereas the soy ones are in a regular isle as they don’t need to be refrigerated before opening.

I broke the creamers down with categories rated out of 10, 10 being the best.

Silk Coconut

At first, this one was a bit different to me but after a few tries I warmed up to it and its now my go-to and by far favourite. It’s also a great option if soy isn’t part of your diet. 

Creaminess: 7/10

Texture: 8/10

Taste: 8/10 (Subtle coconut flavour at first but by the end I never notice it)

Mixing: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

So Nice – Original 

This was the first one I tried, and it is very similar to regular cream, but it has a few extra additives since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened. This is a downfall but also handy because you can keep it for a while before you open it. This one is also cheaper. For the reason of the soy and additives though, I prefer the coconut one to this.

Creaminess: 9/10

Texture: 8/10

Taste: 8/10

Mixing: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

So Nice – French Vanilla

Same idea as the original flavour but I know people occasionally enjoy sweeter and more flavoured coffee so I gave this one a try as well. 

Creaminess: 7/10

Texture: 7/10

Taste: 4/10 (This stuff is so sweet! Everyone has different preferences but I found it overly sweet and artificial tasting)

Mixing: 8/10

Overall: 5/10

I have also tried regular almond milk and coconut milk for creamers, and I know for people these work great, but I find them very watery and don’t mix well. I enjoy them in steamed drinks such as latte’s but as creamers alone, they don’t do much justice.

Hoping this helps and looking towards trying some new kinds in the future!





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