Animal Products vs. Vegan Alternatives Comparisons


One of the biggest issues I hear from people about beginning a more plant based or vegan/vegetarian diet is how costly it can be. Through personal experience and research based on holistic nutrition and other peoples experiences, I have found that there are many options and often those confused with the price haven’t found the right alternatives.

Vegan or plant based doesn’t mean only shopping at an organic market where strawberries are 14.99$ a basket. Instead, the alternatives you need are easily accessible from your common grocery store and for a happy price. I set off to Safeway (Canadian grocery store) To compare and note which prices where friendlier. It turned out all of the options I found happened to be cheaper and they are also of quality that is delicious and items that I personally really enjoy.

Although you may see only a dollar or two difference, when making an entire grocery shopping trip, the small discounts can really add up. I am also aware some items were on sale and changed the original prices but in that case, the prices were mostly almost matched. So although the vegan option may not be cheaper, its not “really expensive” compared to the animal option. I took some photos for reference and was excited to share them to open up minds and help people believe with the right mind you can find a lot of options.

Before I share them I also want to make a point to say that maybe you aren’t looking to be plant based or vegan – and thats okay! But if you wanted to add a couple of healthy items and save some money as well, adding a couple items into your diet can make a huge difference.


A few other options that I personally use extremely often for substitutes with high protein  are:

Extra Firm Tofu: I like extra firm because you can cook it into any mock meat, vegan eggs, and so much more and it won’t have the ‘squishy’ like texture that takes away from the realness. A block also only costs around 2$.

Chickpeas: These can be the ‘egg’ in an egg salad sandwich, wrap or salad, can be made into burgers, and have tons of versatility in items such as falafel’s and dips. An organic can costs roughly 4$.

Peanut butter: perfect spread on toasts, addition for smoothies and breakfast recipes to up their protein. A natural jar costs roughly 4$

Chia seeds + water or Flax meal + water: These are great egg substitutes for recipes to help stick everything together, each may be more expensive then your typical tray of eggs but will last for much longer. Prices vary.

Some other high protein items I enjoy are: Nuts, seeds, dark greens, protein powder (Plant based), vegan yogurt, granola bars.

Hopefully this helped broaden the vegan horizon and give some ideas for saving some money as well as bettering your own health!

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