Quick Spicy Garlic Green Beans


I’ve been on the go a lot recently with school starting and have been trying out a few new recipes that I find perfect to resort to when I don’t have time. I use garlic and hot sauce in almost all my cooked meals, they are ingredients that I think are super versatile and keeping them in your kitchen is great because they’re easy to grab when you don’t have time to run out and get groceries.

These fried green beans can be made in 10 or so minutes and taste like restaurant quality (I swear). They only require 3 ingredients and a few spices.

You’ll need: 


Green beans

Chilli Sauce


Onion Salt

Ginger Powder


The measurements are personal taste, depending how much you like garlic and spice.

How to:

There isn’t much to these directions, all you need is a pan.

I coated my pan with coconut oil to keep anything from sticking or burning.

I added my beans into the pan and turned the heat to medium. Once they started sizzling I added the hot sauce and garlic.


I tossed those ingredients together and let fry for about two more minutes. I added my spices and cooked for another 5 minutes.

Test first to make sure they are cooked to your preference. A key in making these so delicious is not over cooking them! Mine still had a crunch to them which made them really yummy. Plus making sure not to over cook vegetables will keep more of the nutrients and benefits from being altered in he cooking process.


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