Homemade Hummus

I think platters are super convenient, easy and impressive for gatherings or just to snack on yourself. I added lots of crackers, pita, vegan cheese, veggies and a few extras. On the side I made hummus which I have the recipe for right here. It’s quick and minimal but delicious. 

You’ll need:

1 1/2 cups of chickpeas (soaked)

1 Tbsp water

Half a garlic clove 

Fresh dill 

1 tbsp olive oil 

1 tbsp sesame seed paste

Juice of half a lemon



Garlic powder 


For the spices- add as much as you’d like depending on your taste preference. 

How to: 

The directions are easy, it may take a few tries the first time to get the right amount of flavor for your preference. 

I blended the chickpeas, water, olive oil, garlic clove, lemon juice and sesame paste together first. 

If it’s too thick (mine was) continue to add a tablespoon of water until you get your desired consistency. 

I finished by adding my spices and dill last and blending it once more to combine everything. 

Serve with a teaspoon of olive oil drizzled on top. 

This is the perfect way to make your veggies tastier as well as adding protein into your snack!


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