Coconut Milk Curry Vegtables 

A key to vegan cooking are spices and adding flavour to switch your dishes up. After experimenting with a few different ingredients and being inspired from the flavour in the food in Thailand, I decided to give curry spice a try. 

In Thailand a staple ingredient was coconut milk and I really enjoyed the mix between that and curry soups. 

If you’re not a fan of either taste, I think it’s worth a try as this recipe is not strong or over powering! Water can substitute the coconut milk but may not be as creamy. All of the following ingredients are dependent on what you want to add or subtract, I’m sure there’s lots of additions that would make for a delicious dish! I used:




Long Mushrooms

Medium firm tofu 



White Onion 


And for the curry sauce:

Coconut milk

Curry spice 




Onion Powder 

This recipe is easy to achieve in any large sauce pan, I used my wok, being careful not to overheat it. 

The directions are simple as I started with a little olive oil and my garlic, and then fried my ingredients in the order of the toughest item to softest. This way nothing was over cooked. For an idea, I started with the broccoli and ended with the kale. Everytime I added an ingredient, I added about a tablespoon more sauce until I got the amount I wanted. 
For the tofu, add it in as early as you want, the longer it cooks, the tougher and chewier it’ll be. I like it cooked for long personally. 

I served mine on a bed of wild rice as it has many beneficial nutrients and added more flavour than white would. 

Make extra and save it for later! I love this recipe left over or in my lunch at work the next day. 


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