No Juicer Green Juice 

I have had a juicer for trial before and been familiar with the process of one. Although extremely beneficial for health, sometimes buying excessive produce for one glass of juice can be expensive and time consuming. Not to mention the price of the juicer it’s self and the storage room for it. I opted for a 3$ stainer and my blender at home.

This quick simple method will be providing glasses of juice just through straining!

If you’re mindful about wasting the fibre of the fruits and vegetables, I find that this method is great for older fruits and vegetables that you can’t seem to get rid of but don’t want to see go to waste.

The ingredients are personal preference for flavor as long as they contain a decent amount of water. A banana might give you some troubles when straining so produce like watermelon and what I used here will make the whole process easier.

I used:

The inside of 1 lemon & 1 lime

2 baby cucumbers 

1 apple

Handful of spinach

Stem of kale

Handful of parsley

Water (although items such as coconut water or aloe juice would be delicious as well!) 

I filled the water just above the produce in my blender, then blended on high until completely smooth with no chunks left.

For the strainer I used a small mesh one that doesn’t let any fibre leak through.

Continue to strain until you have only juice left! Depending on your strainer you may need to repeat this once or twice.

Serve chilled and enjoy! I like putting lemon, lime and lemongrass in to soak overnight leaving a refreshing juice for the morning.


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