Classic Vegetable Spring Rolls


I got the pleasure to work with Thai cooks in Thailand, up north in Chiang Mai. We did a class with Mama Noi Thai Cookery School and I highly recommend them if you are in the area, it was amazing! The best part was these photos and the fact I can share these recipes. I wanted to start with this simple delicious spring roll. It was much simpler than I expected and easy to make at home.

Prep Time: 10-15 mins


Garlic, finely chopped tofu, sugar, salt, mushroom sauce, soy sauce, bean sprouts, carrot, garlic, glass noodles, chives, spring roll wrapper, *Spices of your choice

Portions depend on personal preference

How to:

We gathered our ingredients, and cut the tofu, garlic and mixed spices together. Whatever you have or enjoy best for spices will work with these rolls.


We got to use a big wok pan which made the experience so much more authentic but a normal frying pan at home will work just as well. We started with soybean oil and threw in the tofu, garlic and spices (mix the salt and sugar in with your spices).


Once they begin to brown, throw in your mushroom sauce (not too much) and your soy sauce. Let bubble and then put the bean sprouts and carrots in. These shouldn’t take too long to cook, maybe a minute max, then add in your noodles and stir quickly so they don’t burn. These also only need a few seconds to soften.


Once everything is soft and cooked, move to a plate and get out your wraps! If you’re unsure how to wrap a spring roll I will leave a link to a tutorial here:



We used tapioca liquid to glue the end of the spring roll together as a vegan option instead of eggs. Once wrapped, fill your pan with whichever oil you cooked with and two at a time, fry your spring rolls. These only took a few seconds!


We let them ‘dry’ off before serving. You should be left with a crispy delicious spring roll!




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