Pear, Fennel, Pecan Salad

Hello everyone! I decided to start off with my first post being an easy mothers day lunch made today. This salad is light, but satisfying with the addition of pears, the sweetness of the candied pecans and the light flavour of fennel.

Preparation Time: 20 mins.

Vegan, oil free



The Salad –

I started with the pecans as they require some cook time. Candied nuts can come down to everyones preference but for myself, I add one part water, one part raw sugar and a handful of pecans to the frying pan. I let these cook until they begin to get a glaze. I drain the excess sugar water from the pan and then continue to cook for a few minutes. Let these sit of a plate for the duration of the food prep so they can dry and harden. The longer you cook them, the crunchier they are.



Next up for the salad I used:

Garden mix greens. Fennel. Pear.


I slice the fennel with a carrot slicer, I find this works incredibly well for the thin small pieces. Not to mention the smell the fennel gives off when slicing, creates a beautiful licorice aroma! Also an option for thin slices of pear, but I prefer to cut the pear with a knife.


For the dressing:

I went with an orange vinaigrette to follow along the sweet theme of the pears. For this I included:

Fresh orange juice. Olive Oil (Not necessary if you prefer oil free). Balsamic Vinagre. Dijon Mustard. Finished with some dried basil and dill. P5080106.jpg

To conclude, I lay the greens and place the fennel, pear and pecans on top. The hairs from the top of the fennel are a great garnish, along with some pepper. Dressing to top it all off!

A perfect break from your classic salad, also great for the upcoming warm months with the sweetness of the oranges and pear.




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